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"If there's one thing I'll always do in my life it's pick up a brush and paint life in new colours."

Art-By-Brita ...floating in colour

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Back to the roots

I was born in Eastern Germany, in a small town called Bernau, close to Berlin. German by blood but British by marriage I carry both cultures in me. I studied business administration but quickly realised it wasn't a right fit, however it turned out to be very helpful at certain points in my career.


Safety net

In 1983, I married Bob, an Englishman. When living in the U.K., I worked as a translator, export- and personnel manager for a German company and eventually found the courage to start what I was dreaming of, my own gallery. In 1990 I formed Feather's Gallery in Broadway, England, and this was a most stimulating time. I trained with the artists of "Feathers of Knysna" in South Africa to paint wooden carvings which I was to import. It was a great success but there was no time for painting left, here I had to show my business skills. In 1994, we moved to the U.S., I sold everything and started being a student again, and took art classes...and was expecting my daughter! In 1996, we moved to Brussels, again, for my husband's job, and I kept on painting and attending college courses in art whilst raising our daughter Katarina. Last but not least, we moved to Switzerland in 2001 where to this day I enjoy my atelier surrounded by nature in the Jura hills.



My paintings can be found in over 10 countries. Most of my recent works are orders, usually acrylics or water colours. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea in mind, the process is very collaborative and usually leads to a personal and memorable experience.


More and more brushes

My training started with a locally famous artist in Leipzig, Walter Bodenthal, when I was a 12 years old but having accepted that one should learn "a proper job" I drifted in my youth into photography and was grateful to gain practical skills as a medical photographer in the Berlin-Buch Hospital. Once in England I studied and subsequently worked in the commercial field. During my gallery times, I took courses of oil painting on wood in Knysna, South Africa at the Atelier Van Niekerk and whilst living for two years in Elmira, New York I learned to paint with acrylics from artist Dona Saltzgiver.  Furthermore, of great importance to my development as an artist were drawing classes at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve in Brussels, Belgium.

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